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What happens when we frown or smile

When we frown, our soul grows dark and ugly. Our mood becomes sad and unpleasant. We walk with a dark cloud hovering over us like a halo. When we smile, our soul lights up. Our character and attitude changes and brightening up as we go through our day. We feel loved and exuberant.

A smile is like the sun that shines a path through our world. It keeps the mind merry, cheerful, and singing. A frown on the other hand, is like a thunderstorm bringing with it dangerous storm clouds and wind of bitterness. It’s raucously incongruous, horrid and only stays if you allow it.

Life throws us all lemons at one point or another. Difficulties arise at times when we least expect them. Some problems are solved with haste as the solution is visionary. Others takes time to work out and can become stressful if the solution seems afar off. Scowling or frowning when we should be seeking answers won’t help our situation in the least.

Although facial expressions have a minute impact on a person’s feelings, frowning your way through a problem gets you angrier as time progresses. It offers no immediate or remedial solution. As a matter of fact, it offers no solution at all but adds to an already heightened condition. Research has shown that frowning a lot can affect both mental and physical health.

It can lead to extensive tension headaches, neck pains, and irritability to name a few. It can make meditating difficult, seeing as the facial muscles must be relaxed to enjoy the effects of a good meditation session. Some research has pinpointed that the most immediate way to relive this tension is to “calm your face and your mind”. Some may even say, smile a lot.

Smiling might not be a perfect solution, as some people have perfected the art of hiding their pain under a smile. But a genuine smile can do wonders to your inner being. A full faced and hearty smile will mentally take you to places your mind will cringe to get away from. It takes you to that happy place that makes you sigh in joy and comfort. www.nbcnews.com says that smiling can trick your brain into happiness and boost your health. Imagine frowning or scowling all the time? Do you know how much pressure we are putting on our poor brain? It means our brain is working overtime. No wonder it accepts a smile as a form of happiness. It too needs to release some stress muscles. And if smiling is its stress reliever then we must do it more often.

I’ve always heard the phrase, “smile even when you don’t feel like it” and wondered what it meant. Many a times I cast it aside as sheer nonsense. Who wants to smile when you’re offended and seething with anger? Who wants to walk around skipping merry and gay when all you want is to be left alone? I thought of all these things until I started practicing smiling when am upset.

Though research may show no clear path between a smile and a frown, for your own mental strength and stability, choose to smile each day. This will overturn the burden of wearing a heavy frown. Weighting down yourself in the process. Anger and smile are two instant emotions that can be ejected without effort.

A frown may be your emotion of choice for whatever reason, but some sunshine through a light drizzle can lift our spirits.

Live Life

Take each day in stride

Bask in every moment

Live like if it is your last

Thank God you achieved at least one task

No one knows your pain

No one shares your thoughts

No one sees the hurt inside

No one cares about your pride

First please God it must be right

Your tears endure throughout the night

Your joy will come with morning light

Your days am sure will always be bright

Written by N Regis

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