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I Am Grenada

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Happy Birthday to my Heartbeat. You are the air that I breathe. Without you, my life has no meaning. It was a beautiful Wednesday evening twenty-seven years ago when you came into my world and my life has never been the same. That day, I became the proudest dad on record. There you were, I…
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Happy Birthday to the Best Sister in the World

I forged an affinity towards my Sister on one of her visits as we reminisce about growing up in Grenada. After my divorce in 2005, I decided to relocate to the Sunshine State. It reminded me of back home especially with its tropical weather and pristine beach. It all began when we were in the…
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Hi Maurice, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to you. How are you doing? We miss you man. Hoping you are in a better place. Maurice, if you see what Keith is doing to Grenada. He has been governing for the past twenty -five plus years and you wouldn’t believe how he has Grenada. What makes it worse…
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What happens when we frown or smile When we frown, our soul grows dark and ugly. Our mood becomes sad and unpleasant. We walk with a dark cloud hovering over us like a halo. When we smile, our soul lights up. Our character and attitude changes and brightening up as we go through our day.…
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Is our life the way we want it?

What is life? What do we think of when we consider living? Do we think of tall stately buildings or warm sunshine on green grass? When you give meaning to your life what does it signify? How does it affect your everyday decision making? All these are questions asked daily through life’s process but, and…
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My Valentine Judy Perry-Bennett

I was in a verbal, abusive relationship. When I couldn’t take more, I called some friends for help, and they came and took me out from there. I didn’t go back home, instead, I went by a friend in Corinth. I spent a year by a girlfriend and three years with her mom. While there,…
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My Valentine Abigail Niles

I first met my significant other through my niece in 2008. He was my niece’s long time crush best friend. One evening, she had to go meet him to collect some K.F.C on long wall, so I had to go with her. Alongside her crush was this short, handsome young man. We began to speak…
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Never allow a bad situation or person destroy your purpose

The enemy will do whatever it takes to throw you off track. He will use all distractions such as family, relatives, friends, job, pain, situations, pretender’s, trials etc. to make sure you do not fulfill your purpose. Please stand strong, pray for wisdom and discernment to know who or what is truly right for you.…
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The Nutmeg by Judy Perry-Bennett

Look how she strides in the cool breeze Waving to the people as she goes Everyone admires the way she grows With dark brown lips and narrow hips Dressed in a red vest and yellow coat She is worth a very high note With the sweet aroma in her body Everyone loves this lady She…
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