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A few years ago I was asked to go to Massachusetts to be a part of a tv show. They wanted to interview me because at that time, I was a chaplain that worked with the LGBTQ community. But I digress. While I was there, little did I know that I would be doing a series of shows and a radio interview as well. And one of the questions was “What was my message to the world?”

In this day in age most people have a social media account, if not several. I remember being asked that question to which I responded, “My message will change, but at no time would it not be inspiring.” Our social media is our message to the world. It matters not if you use it for business, bullshit or blessing’s. What you post is your message.

I like to be honest with my postings. Brutally honest and raw. It’s like when I used to work in HR. A new hire would ask what I thought about their resume. I would say I never looked at it. When I was asked why? I would say, a resume is what you want me to know. Your social media is what I want to know. That’s a little HR trick that you may not have known. For whatever reason, many people do not filter their social media. Hence, that is their message. The real you.

I am always pleased when I see my memories pop up on my Facebook page for example, from 10 years ago. I was posting the same inspiring messages that I do today. Sure, they are mixed in with some funny memes or personal stories. But the take away is always a positive message.

So be responsible with your posting. Because for so many, it really is their message. Even if it is not, many will perceive it as though it is. And using the HR example, there could be consequences. So ask yourself…are you posting business, bullshit or blessings?

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  1. I Am Grenada on 05/30/2021 at 10:49 am

    Wow, my sentiment exactly.

  2. Hubert Philbert on 05/30/2021 at 6:33 pm

    Hey Varnce I remembered years ago a former teacher spoke to us about that. This has stayed with me up to this date and I would encourage my own students likewise.This experience has helped me tremendously in decision making over the years.

  3. Christine on 05/30/2021 at 6:56 pm

    Yes this is so true,I hope this message get across also.

    • Cherilyn Thomas on 05/30/2021 at 8:44 pm

      This is so true. Wat u put out on social media reflects who u are, so be wise.

    • Tracey Adams on 05/30/2021 at 9:08 pm

      Very interesting and most people are not mindful of the longer term consequences of their actions…on social media and think it’s all fun and games…the decisions we make today would either affect or enhance our destiny (tomorrow).

      Young people in particular needs to be reminded of this.

  4. Lindonna on 06/14/2021 at 6:23 am

    So true. The decisions we make do affect us knew way or the other

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