Carvel Francois

I Am Grenada

Superstar R&B Artist Official Angello

Allister Amada Spoken Word Contest Winner


I Am Grenada

Lilian Langaigne contest winner

Jenson Mitchell aka Highroof Spirit Lead Spoken Word Piece

Alex Bubb voted Most Favorite Protrait Artist

Ellington Nathan Purcell aka “Ello”

A must watch Spoken Word

Carvel is from St. Georges and was born premature on November 15, 1989. He lost his ability to walk. Carvel is an inspiration to others especially those who are disabled. He utilize his time creating his craft as he tries to cope with his many challenges which others take for granted.

Carvel would like to share a few of his home made craft with you. You can contact Carvel at, or 1473-537-5880

You can contact Carvel at, or 1473-537-5880

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I Am Grenada

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  1. Christine on 08/01/2022 at 10:41 am

    Nice continue to push forward wishing you great success

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