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What is life? What do we think of when we consider living? Do we think of tall stately buildings or warm sunshine on green grass? When you give meaning to your life what does it signify? How does it affect your everyday decision making? All these are questions asked daily through life’s process but, and here is the thing, is the answer to us satisfactory?

When God created us, he did so for his purpose. We meant something to him during our creation and we do even today. The life we live in this instance must, once given meaning lend to us credence. In other words, we should believe as true the purpose for which we are here. A path must be set that as humans we can travel along and leave footprints. A destination to reach. A goal or goals to achieve with the determination that, no matter what comes our way we will conquer.

To conquer one’s adversaries and fears is not to physically fight our way through every battle thrown at us. We can conquer our inhibitions, fears and adversaries through willpower, strength and courage, perseverance, set goals and achieve those goals. And how can we forget determination. Without it, we are but lost sheep in a jungle of wild animals. Animals too eager to devour us alive and whole. Proving to the world that most of us do not have the mechanism to defend ourselves nor the knowledge.

I have considered and it is my opinion that one cannot be fully prepared for life or living it. If we knew what lies around every corner or behind closed doors most, if not all humans will do their best to either embrace it or steer clear from it. The outcome of life is what we can never know while we yet live. People fashion their lives a certain way. Work towards goals and aspirations and that is good, however, can we honestly say that this is truly what our lives is destined to be. I have seen people start out doing one thing only to end up doing another. Which may not be what they desired at all.

What is life? Wikipedia claims the answer to this pertains to the significance of living or existing in general. We must have a reason for why we do the things we do, or why we want to head in a particular direction. Decide primarily if life for us is a symphony others can learn from or raucously incongruous to another generation. Life in its temerity can be audacious in most respects, transient to the point of seeming intersperse in others. As God’s humble creation, us humans, owe to the Savior and the ones we love to leave a lasting mark that will change lives in years to come.

The journey of life introduces to all and sundry a variety of persons along the way. People who will influence our lives in one way or another. They come into our lives not as a coincidence but because they serve a purpose. Whether this purpose is good or bad they are there for a reason. Most will say it is not the destination that counts but the people we encounter. I say it is also the stories we write while on that journey. Stories that tell future generations what we did and how it brought meaning to our lives. Stories which can clear a path to whether we achieved our true life’s purpose or just what we set out to achieve on our own.

Life for humans will have meaning one way or another. Based on the actions we take and principles we set or not, our lives will mean something good an inspiration others can follow. Its meaning can also be disturbing, a warning or caution against certain trends or mishaps. If we understand the motive behind things done in the past by those who have gone on before us, we in turn will know what to avoid and what to embrace and incorporate into daily living. Yet as there is no direct road to life, a humane effort on all should be made to make our lives meaningful.


These are the things in life which will make us rich, they are: love, Self-control, Virtue, Respect, Self-esteem, Selflessness, Courtesy, Kindness, Understanding, Discipline, Warmth, Self-worth, Patience, Sharing, Caring.

These are the things in life which will keep us poor: Hatred, Low self-esteem, Inconsiderate, Jealousy, Lack of self-control, Little self-worth, Enviousness, Greed, Lacking virtue, Immorality, Selfishness, Lack of vision, Biasness, Lack of understanding, Maliciousness.

The true meaning of life lies in things intangible and dear not tangible things easily perishable. Which in all respects lack sentimental value or place in our hearts.

Written by N. Regis

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