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In 1949 at the height of British power following the defeat of Nazi Germany, a 27 year old Eric Gairy had a pie in the sky idea to organize workers into a union – the Grenada Manual & Metal Works Union.

In under 2 years in 1951 Gairy organized another pie in the sky idea – a national strike! The British took Gairy into custody.

As Grenada prepares for an election for one of two Mitchells, the phrase “pie in the sky” may just be the rock the builder rejected, becoming the chief cornerstone.

Pie in the sky is a nice way of saying an idea cannot be achieved. And if people believe the idea is pie in the sky, the damage is done.

The challenge when using this phrase is this; if what the people need is a pie in the sky idea and what they are faced is a choice between more of the same or pie in the sky, they are likely to choose pie in the sky.

God told Moses to visit Pharaoh and tell him to “let my people go”. Pharaoh didn’t need to consider this pie in the sky idea – how was Egypt going to produce bricks without the enslaved Israelite?

By 1961 another pie in the sky idea materialized – Eric Gairy became Grenada’s Chief Minister, leading the nation to another pie in the sky idea – independence in 1974.

By this time Gairy had too much pie and stopped dreaming for the people. While he stopped dreaming, God raised up a young man full of dreams.

A 34 year old Maurice Bishop was full of pie in the sky ideas…

Maurice Bishop had pie in the sky ideas for an international airport; for education; for health; for skills; for communities; for a National Insurance Scheme; you name it the 34 year old Maurice had a pie in the sky idea for it.

Grenada became a hub for making pie in the sky ideas happen.

Manufacturing of jams and jellies – previously thought to be a pie in the sky idea – started in Grenada.

Maurice implemented pie in the sky annual educational priorities sending young Grenadians on scholarships to study in Cuba and Eastern Europe, returning with skills to develop Grenada as dentists, doctors, vets etc.

Remember the pie in the sky international airport; pie in the sky airport bonds; pie in the sky workers from Cuba teaching Grenadians large scale construction skills while building the pie in the sky airport?

The 76 year old Keith Mitchell, like the old Eric Gairy has stopped dreaming.

God has raised a young Dickon Mitchell, with a pie in the sky idea to pay all civil servants a pension.

Now you’ve got to think this one through to understand why its deluded to even refer to the pensions issue as being pie in the sky. Colonial Britain gave Grenada its constitution and in that document, retiring public sector workers are afforded a pension.

I repeat, colonial Britain gave us this practice. In 1985 an act of Parliament was passed to disqualify public sector workers from a state pension.

If you think that’s bad, wait. In 2022 Judge Glasgow rules the pensions should be paid. Keith Mitchell literally said – paying those pensions (a court ruling) is pie in the sky.

You can’t make this up!!!

A judgement of the court is pie in the sky; Keith has lost his mind? I blame the idiots around him, as I’ve said before, they should all be sacked… they have completely lost touch of reality.

So Parliament will be dissolved this Monday May 16. Writ to be published on Wednesday 18. Nomination Day will be Wednesday 1st June. Police voting Monday June 20. Election Day will be Thursday 23 June 2022.

Grenadians, show the NNP that pie in the sky is written in the DNA of Grenada. Vote for Dickon Mitchell and his team with their pie in the sky ideas for Grenada.

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Written by Roy McEwen

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